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                                              Our Equine Team has been visiting the tiny island of Kasos in the southern
                                              Aegean since 2011.  Since that time, our vet, Kleopatra, accompanied by
                                              Giannis, our farrier, have become increasingly concerned for the welfare of
                                              eleven ponies (nine of them Shetlands) kept at a small, unlicensed zoo there.
                                              Inadequate housing, lack of good hygiene and correct feed, added to the
                                              absence of a vet on the island, meant that their condition was steadily deteri-
                                              orating and led us to call for urgent improvements or the closure of the
                                              facility.  By 2016, amid a growing chorus of protest from various other
                                              quarters, we decided to send reports to the Public Prosecutor in Rhodes
                                              asking for a Court Order for the confiscation of the animals and the closure
                                              of the “zoo”.   Two years later this has now been issued – following a prose-
           ”We need help!” …the miniature ponies of Kasos  cution for neglect of the island’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor – but we can’t
          claim success yet.  We have undertaken to transport the animals to the facilities of the “Greek Society for the Protec-
          tion of the Horse” outside Athens, into whose care the court has decided the animals must be given, but there is a long
          way to go before all the necessary health checks and identification documents are in place and the animals can be
          collected.  It’s a small victory to have obtained the Court Order, but we’re not celebrating quite yet; not until the animals
          have reached a safe haven.

                                               IN OTHER NEWS

                                              Our Equine Team accompanied by our CEO, Paul McGlone, visited the
                                              island of Hydra where GAWF/Animal Action Hellas has regularly been
                                              providing care to the working equidae. Hydra is largely car-free so a lot of
                                              the heavy carrying is still done by mules.
                                              Our equine professionals tour Greece all through the cooler months of the
                                              year, providing veterinary, dental and farriery care to working equidae.
                                              We’ve been doing it for the past 20 years and believe we are still the only
                                              organisation doing this type of work on a nationwide basis.

             Paul McGlone gets his hands dirty in Hydra
          GAWF’s neutering team travelled to Ithaca for a 2-day visit. According to
          Greek mythology the island was the home town of Ulysses and is nowadays
          one of the many regions in Greece that has no vet.  We had been invited by
          the appropriately-named “Argos – Animal Welfare Association of Ithaca”.
          (Argos was the name of wily Ulysses’ faithful dog, who was the only living
          creature that recognized him on his return from years of adventure). Ably
          supported by the local group’s small team of enthusiastic volunteers, we
          examined, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered a total of 20 dogs and
          8 cats. The municipality made a space available and a temporary but
          perfectly adequate “pop-up” clinic was set up, ready and waiting for us.
          Our team finds it really worthwhile to support such a committed, local group
          in its work, and to see the difference its volunteers are making.
                                                                                     Serafina makes a friend in Ithaca

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