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                                                      Owned ponies in Lesvos

           Success: Horses, donkeys and mules finally to be protected by individual ID documents

          A hard fought campaign has played a part in persuading the Greek Government to harmonise its legislation with EU
          laws requiring individual identification of all horses, donkeys and mules – “equidae”. Known as the ‘Equine Passport
          Regulation’, animals will now need to be registered and identified with a unique “Universal Equine Life Number”
          (UELN). This will begin to provide stronger legal protection for all equidae and is potentially good news for their future
          welfare in Greece.
          In 2017 Ippothesis and Animal Action Hellas formed an alliance to campaign for the implementation of the European
          Commission Regulations (EU) 2015/262.

          More than 12,000 people signed our petition for stronger protection of equidae, and this was submitted to both the
          Minister for the Environment and the Minister for Energy, Agricultural Development and Food, in January 2018.  In
          addition to a demand for the implementation of the EU Equine Passport Regulations, our petition called for the adop-
          tion of a Code of Good Practice for Equidae.

          Without reliable identification and registration, equidae cannot be linked to the person responsible for their welfare.
          Sadly, existing national legislation has failed to ensure they are properly cared for, so cases of poor welfare, abuse and
          neglect have been all too frequent.
          The new registration requirements will begin to ensure owners of equidae throughout Greece can be held to account
          for failures to care responsibly for their animals, and that sanctions can be imposed on offenders.

          Elisa Geskou, Veterinary surgeon, Equine Project Coordinator for Greek Animal Welfare Fund / Animal Action Hellas
          said, “As vets we have for years been working hard to improve the welfare of horses, donkeys and mules through our
          outreach programme, especially working animals in island communities. The introduction of the EU ‘Equine Passport’
          will mean all equines should now be registered and identified. Hopefully, this will help give stronger legal protection
          for all equidae. It is good news for animal welfare in Greece”.

          Animal Welfare organisations, veterinarians, local animal welfare groups and supportive members of both European
          and national parliaments enthusiastically welcome the introduction of the European Commission Regulations (EU)
          2015/262 into Greek Law.

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