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Together, this is how we have supported animal victims of the fires in Attica

                5,374€ 500

               Including our own 1000€, raised a total
               of 5374€ in donations from our appeal,            Υοur support has contributed to the Dogs’
               which has been paid directly to Dogs'             Voice rescue effort that has saved over 500
                Voice                                            dogs and cats

                                                                 mandatory                      sterilisation

               This was possible as over 100 donors                             €
               from 14 countries kindly donated in just
               a few days

                 100                   14                                biochemical           microchipping
                  donors                 countries
                                                                 The emergency response helped cover the
                                                                 costs of mandatory veterinary treatment,
                                                                 biochemical exams, sterilisation and
                                                                 microchipping in order for the animals to be
                                                                 able to get adopted


                Collected 109 boxes of medicines,                       20
                bandages and food for distribution
                to the vet clinics                              /////////////////////////////////////////////////
                                                                     20 animals have been
                                                                         adopted so far


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