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          Over the last 9 years, several organisations and individuals with expertise in wildlife protection have been filing
          reports and complaints with every competent authority (Ministries, Directorates, Prefecture of Attica) concerning the
          appalling state of the Greek Centre for the Protection of Wild Animals (EKPAZ) on Aegina.  No effective action has
          been taken.

          The tragic result of the Centre’s downward spiral into dilapidation and debt is that a facility that started out proudly to
          provide sick or injured wild animals with rescue and recuperation care until they could be released into the wild, has
          gradually turned into a nightmare of permanent captivity in deteriorating facilities.
          More than 10,000 people signed the petition that Animal Action Hellas created in August 2018, aiming to take action
          on behalf of the animals suffering intolerable living conditions at EKPAZ.

          On the 11th of October, the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy,
          Mr. Socrates Famellos, issued a ruling revoking the operating license of
          EKPAZ.  The decision was published through official channels a few days
          The withdrawal of the Centre’s operating license is a positive step by the
          Government but to us this is only the beginning.  We must now make sure
          that the Ministry proceeds, under specialist supervision, with the immediate
          release of any animals that are able to survive in the wild and that it hands
          over the rest to institutions and organisations that have the expertise and
          infrastructure necessary to care for them and provide them with suitable
          living conditions for the rest of their lives. GAWF will be closely following   A “treatment room” at EKPAZ, Aegina


                                                                 Οn the 23rd  of July a wildfire broke out on the
                                                                 coast of the Attic peninsula just a few miles east of
                                                                 Athens.  It spread with devastating speed, trapping
                                                                 people between the flames and the sea.  Before
                                                                 the night was out 99 of them were dead.  Thou-
                                                                 sands of homes were burned to the ground and
                                                                 countless animals perished.  We acted immediate-
                                                                 ly in cooperation with local NGO, Dogs Voice, to
                                                                 find, rescue and treat the animal survivors.  Our
                                                                 supporters responded to our appeal, increasing
                                                                 our reach and enabling us to reunite some of the
                                                                 lost animals with their owners and find new homes
                                                                 for others.  The graphic shows what we achieved
                                                                 Positive Steps from the Greek Government:
                                                                 SAVE THE ANIMALS AT THE WILDLIFE
                                                                 RESCUE CENTRE (EKPAZ) ON THE GREEK
                                                                 ISLAND OF AEGINA
                        A victim of the Attica fire after treatment

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