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                                                                    Welcome to the new edition of Elpida, which
                                                                    means ‘hope’ in Greek.  In this edition we
                                                                    cover many of our activities over the last year
                                                                    to alleviate suffering and support the welfare
                                                                    of animals in Greece.

                                                                    We have continued and further developed our
                                                                    neutering activities for cats and dogs, building
                                                                    new partnerships with local groups so that we
                                                                    can reach more animals. We have also continued
                                                                    to visit many areas to improve the health and
                                                                    welfare of equidae in Greece.

                                                                    In this edition you will also find accounts of
                                                                    our work in Kasos and in response to the
                                                                    dreadful fires near Athens.
                                                                    We want our work to have a lasting impact so
                                                                    in the past year we have been working with
                                                                    partners in other voluntary groups both in
                                                                    Greece and across Europe to improve legislation
                                                                    on both equidae and companion animals. We are
                                                                    also continuing to press that local and national
                                                                    government in Greece implement existing
                                                                    laws to improve animal welfare.  You will read
                         Phyllis Dunipace, Chair of Trustees
                                                                    an example of our approach with The Donkey
          Sanctuary on the welfare of the donkeys and mules, which carry tourists on the island of Santorini.
          We have had some staffing changes in the last year.  Our CEO, Daphne Mavrogiorgos, left to take up a
          position in another animal charity.  We thank her for her contribution and wish her well in her new role.
          Paul McGlone, who has been involved with the charity for five years, has taken over as Interim CEO whilst
          the Trustees decide on a new structure.

          I should like to take this opportunity to thank Paul for his energy and commitment to the new role and to
          thank all staff in London and Greece for their hard work over the past year.  Our trustees have also given
          generously of their time and expertise in dealing with the issues that inevitably arise in any charity.

          As we come to the end of the year I am proud of what we have achieved this year and since we were
          established in 1959.  We are the longest serving animal charity operating in Greece at a national level.
          Many animals’ lives have been improved by our work.  But there is still a lot for us to do before Greece
          becomes a country in which the quality of animals’ lives matter.
          None of our work would have been possible without our supporters – who give one off donations, donate
          regularly or leave us legacies.  As Trustees we aim to ensure that every penny we receive is spent wisely and
          effectively to ensure sustainable change and improvement in the lives of animals in Greece.

          Thank you again for your support and I wish you all the best for 2019.
          Phyllis Dunipace,
          Chair of Trustees, Greek Animal Welfare Fund

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